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All of the projects, orchestras, ensembles that Zhengtao collaborated with as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, music producer. 

Music for Video Games


Shining Nikki

Dress Up Games developed by Papergames


Sort Kat Traumschloss

Trading Card Game developed by Pujia Studio


 Deepening Fire

Action Adventure Game developed by ETime Studio

Screen Shot 2024-01-20 at 3.23.33 PM.png


An idle games developed by XD Inc.


Brigade Comet

Text based adventure game developed by LingXi Game


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

An open world MMORPG game developed by XD Inc.


Matchington Mansion

Puzzle game developed by Magic Tavern


One Piece: The Bloodline

3D action mobile phone game developed by CMGE

封面 (1).jpg

Infinite Spiral

MMORPG game for Dota 2 Mod. Developed by DragonSong Studio

 Music for Animation, TV Series and Films


When The Sun Rises, The Moon Shines 

Short film directed by Jia Liu



Scientific motion CG animation directed by Victor Luo



Scientific motion CG animation directed by Diszy Lee

Concert Music

      The Snow Is Falling Down [Chamber orchestra]          

            Commissioned and performed by Sonic Symphony Orchestra in Belarus

      Piano Concerto No.1 [Orchestra + Piano] Multi-movement work 

            Upcoming premiere by Sonic Symphony Orchestra in spring/summer 2025

      Shattered Sky [String Orchestra]                                                                                                     

            Budapest Scoring Orchestra, January 12, 2024

      Where Did All The Birds Go? [Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Cello]       

            Upcoming virtual premiere by Chelsea Meynig, Sean Bailey and Tom Kraines

            as part of the Gabriela Ortiz Composing Studio by OAcademy, 2024

      Neon [String Quartet]                                                                    

            Maria Grig String Quartet, January 7, 2024

      Folk Song and Variation [String Quartet] Multi-movement work                            

            Maria Grig String Quartet, January 2, 2024

      3 Part Fugue In G Minor [String Trio]                                                                       

            Maria Grig String Trio, December 12, 2023

            (Piano Solo Version) Marti Epstein, March 4, 2024, Berklee 1W Recital Hall

      Two Poems by Bei Dao [Mezzo-Soprano, Piano] Multi-movement work                      

            Yidi Jiao, Claire, December 1, 2023

      Violin Sonata No.1 [Violin, Piano] Multi-movement work                                           

            Zhengtao Pan, Maria Grig, October 17, 2023

      Woodwind Quintet No.1 [Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet in Bb]

            Multi-movement work

            Webster University, March 24, 2024, CMS Concert Hall

            Budapest Scoring Orchestra, October 6, 2023

       Two Memories In Shanghai [Piano Solo] Multi-movement work      

            Yidi Jiao DMA Recital, October 1, 2023

            Simone Cimino, June 1, 2023, “Citta di Barletta” concert series

            Rebecca Stager, Cascadia Composer “Visions and Voyages”, May 6, 2023

      String Quartet No.1 [String Quartet] Multi-movement work                         

            Cum Laude Music Award IV Edition. Anticipated recording and release under

            Naxos records in 2025

            European Recording Orchestra, August 17, 2023

      Symphony No.1 [Orchestra] Multi-movement work                                 

            Budapest Scoring Orchestra, May 22, 2023

      Motion [Alto Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion]        

            Hypercube Ensemble, Adelphi University, October 10, 2022

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Jazz Music

      Mirror, Floating On The Water [Jazz Piano Trio + String 4tet + Alto Sax]  

            Upcoming premiere concert at Chicago Ravinia Jazz Festival, June 11, 2024

      Windy Days [Big Band with woodwind doublings]  

            Ithaca College, April 27, 2024, Ford Hall

            Feat. Alexa Tarantino, directed by Mike Titlebaum

      Liu Yang River (Arrangement) [Big Band with woodwind doublings] 

            Berklee College of Music, April 11, 2024, David Friend Recital Hall

            Feat. Ingrid Jensen, directed by Ayn Inserto

      It Could Happen To You (Arrangement) [Big Band]   

            Eastman New Jazz Ensemble, February 21, 2024

            Directed by Dave Rivello

      Wu Kang Street [Big Band with woodwind doublings] 

             (Studio Orchestra Version) Shanghai Opera House, March 15, 2023

             Premiered by Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra

             (Big Band Version) Recorded by 305 Horns, February 10, 2023

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  • Budapest Scoring Orchestra (soundtrack recording)

  • Berklee Jazz Composer Workshop Big Band (workshop)

  • Sonic Symphony Orchestra (commission)

  • Budapest Art Orchestra (soundtrack recording)

  • Budapest Jazz Orchestra (soundtrack recording)

  • US Jazz Ambassador (JEN young composer showcase)

  • Steven Feifke Big Band (recording)

  • New York Philharmonic Orchestra (soundtrack recording)

  • Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra (commission)

  • Cascadia Composer Ensemble (Cascadia Composer Fellowship)

  • Hypercube Ensemble (workshop)

  • The New Composers String Quartet (workshop)

  •  European Recording Orchestra (soundtrack recording)

  •  Iktus Percussion (workshop)

  •  Isamu McGregor Trio (soundtrack recording)

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