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Zhengtao Pan is a composer, arranger who was born in 2003 and grew up in Shanghai, China. He is currently studying Jazz Composition and Composition at Berklee College of Music. His commercial game works include "Mist Sequence", "Lost Soul Aside", "One Piece: The Bloodline”, "Arknights" and others. He is also responsible for outsourcing music for some game companies such as Byte Dance, Masaya Games, miHoYo. 


Recently, his music has been selected as best large instrumental composition in the Jazz Education Network, the winner of Downbeat Student Award for small ensemble composition, winner of ASMAC Pat Williams Composing and Arranging Competitions, first place at Bridges Composition Competition at Ravinia Jazz Festival. Besides media scoring, he also works as arranger & orchestrator for jazz orchestras and Bigbands and writes concert music as well. The HyperCube ensemble, Cascadia Composers and Webster University premiered several of his concert music. His Bigband music was performed by some renowned artists and ensembles such as Grammy Winning Artist Steven Feifke’s Bigband, Jazz Saxophonist Alexa Tarantino and Eastman New Jazz Ensemble directed by Dave Rivello.  He collaborates with Benny Benack III, Walter Smith III, Itai Kriss, Andrew Gould on his upcoming Bigband album “Scenery in My Story”, to name a few. He has also collaborated with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Budapest Jazz Orchestra, US Jazz Ambassadors, European Recording Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Shanghai Philharmonic, Belarus Sonic Orchestra among others.


He is also an online streamer on the Chinese platform called “Bilibili”, where he releases music under the account for his Vocaloid and virtual singer projects. His music accumulated more than 1 million views, widely praised by listeners, such as “Secret Treasure Traveler”. He believes every note functions as a tool to help him express his identity.

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