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A day in the life of Zhengtao Pan is a busy one, and it can be hard to keep up with his work and developments. Now, you need never miss a moment with all the latest Zhengtao Pan news compiled in one place. Whether it’s the completion of a music project or the acceptance of an award, stay in the know with this regularly updated news section.



"Mirror, Floating On The Water" for String Quartet and Jazz Piano Trio is one of the winning works for Bridges Composition Competition.

The piece will be premiered at Ravinia Jazz Festival at Chicago in June 11th, 2024

Screen Shot 2024-03-24 at 3.53.06 PM.png


"Woodwind Quintet No.1" is one of the winning works for CMS

Young Composer Competition. It's described as "a really wonderful listening experience", "a charming work" by the judges.

The piece will be premiered at CMS Concert Hall in Webster University.


"Shattered Sky", for String Orchestra and Harp

Recorded and premiered by Budapest Scoring Orchestra


"Woodwind Quintet No.1", for Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clairnet

Recorded and Premiered by Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Here is a teaser for the first movement only.


"Dancing In The Dream", for Jazz Bigband

Performed and recorded by Steven Feifke Bigband in NYC


“Hypocrisy, feat.Akihiro". A jazz hiphop song for virtual singer "Stardust"

Visual and illustration by QING and BUYU


"Symphony No.1, for Piano and Orchestra"

Premiered and recorded by Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Here is the teaser for first movement only

It's the winning work of ASMAC "Pat Williams Composing and Arranging Competition"


“Ordinatio” for virtual singer "Yan He"

Visual and illustration by Duo Er & Mao Tui

Here is the teaser for the whole album


"Nightfall Over Shanghai", for Jazz Bigband. Featuring guitarist Di Meng

Recorded and performed by Zhengtao Pan Bigband


"The Swindle of the Beginning", for virtual singer "Shi An" developed by Dreamtonics

Visual and illustration by Han Ying Ci Dian & He Xiao Miao


"The Hope In Abyss", rescore for Japanese animation "Made In Abyss"

Recorded by European Recording Orchestra

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